Friday, January 28, 2011

Magnifying mirror on the wall, you're the fairest gift of all

My favorite Christmas gift has turned out to be a very practical fixture in my bathroom -my wall mounted magnifying makeup mirror. It may not be as romantic as jewelry or perfume, or as luxurious as a cashmere sweater but oh, the problems it has solved for me.

Because now I can see! I've been grappling with my midlife crisis vision quandary. I can't see far without my contacts and I can't see near with them in. It has made everyday grooming tasks like flossing my teeth, plucking my eyebrows and putting on make up a challenge.

In the past, merely applying mascara was guesswork. I'd have to squint and contort myself over the sink to make sure I'd got the wand somewhere near the vicinity of my eyelashes.

But now, thanks to my adjustable, versatile mirror, I can see every little detail on my face - every hair, every blemish, every pore, every line - at any angle. It's not all pretty, man, but at least I can see it!

Perhaps you've noticed a change in my appearance? A sudden absence of sprouting whiskers, food particles and raccoon eyes? It's all because of my beloved mirror, mirror on the wall.

Restoration Hardware has a nice collection of wall mounted and free standing magnifying mirrors that range in price from $89 - $200. A bit of an investment, but ever so worth it. And if you wait for their sale, you can get at least 20% off.

PS - I've also pictured a handy way to store jewelry, using a votive candelabra. You can drape it with necklaces and bangles and put earrings in the votive cup holders. I bought mine a couple years ago at Target.

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